surfing the SOUL with Guided fantasy & EVOLUTIONAry sound


BellaSonics is a conscious dream school where the power of evolutionary sound combined with the imagination opens the door to our greater reality.



Would you like to experience the invisible realms? Are you interested in exploring the vaster You?

We are free to surf our multidimensional nature at any given moment. This Podcast will cover a range of illuminating subjects for curious spiritual adventurers who are ready to go beyond physical reality. 

New releases coming in January 2020!

Live Sound Energy Events

You will be supported within a nourishing, nurturing, healing sound space. Evolutionary sound and guided fantasy will escort you into a state of communion with Self, allowing wellbeing and balance to unfold gently, gracefully and naturally. 

Large harmonic gongs, flutes, vocals & other soothing instruments will support deep relaxation & personal transformation.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are deeply soothing and transformational. Here you are cared for while nourished with healing sound tailored to your specific journey.

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