Beautiful sound energy with Susan Haid

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Lily's Truth


Lily's Truth was created to help children & teens grow into self-mastery. The teachings offered gently encourage the individual to turn within to discover his or her own personal truths, ultimate inner authority and glorious originality. The goal is to inspire sovereignty, empowerment and understanding of self as a masterful divine being.

Lily's Truth for Kids


Based on the work Lily's Truth, this book gives a simplified version of the original material. Appropriate for younger learners, all the same concepts are fully discussed in a colorful, easy-to-read format. For kids 8 years old and up. 



Bloom is a playful, illustrated supplement to Lily's Trruth.  This book complements the lessons offered in Lily's Truth in a poetic, colorful and easy-to-read format.

Smokin' Hot Mama


This is a light-hearted, fun, funny little book that invites the reader to step boldly into complete liberation and full acceptance of oneself. Take a ride with Smokin' Hot Mama as she throws convention to the wind, laughs brazenly at herself and at life in general.  Written with hilarity and poignancy, after turning the final page, you might fall hopelessly in love with yourself.

Peace Out Project


The Peace Out Project™ is a compassion-based, creativity-based 12-week curriculum. We recommend the “weekly” approach as it gently reminds students to choose a peaceful path through life while giving them the necessary skills to do so. This project is intended for use at school, within a homeschool setting or for private group use. It is designed in simplicity and with user-friendly implementation, bringing solutions through discussion, role- play, creative expression and sharing from within heart-centered awareness.