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If you would like to experience a private  session with Susan, please email to schedule an appointment.


I had the pleasure of having a personal reading from Susan. I had had some personal issues and was not even aware of the total amount of stress that I was holding until my session.

Susan was able to help me by addressing not only current issues but past issues that I thought I had put behind me, but in a way that I was finally able to release the pain.

While the session was filled with tears, many were happy tears and she kept focusing on me, my family, and our future. At the end of the session, I felt 10 pounds lighter and with a happiness and joy that I’ve not felt in a very long time. She gave me tools to try and recognize situations in the future, journal and breathing through emotional times.  While that sounds so simple, we sometimes need someone to tell us or give us permission. She was able to do that for me.

If you are able to believe and trust, even somewhat in things we don’t understand or can’t see, I would encourage you to give yourself this gift. It is an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life and am so grateful to her for the experience I had.

~ Janna

Meeting Susan has changed my life. After losing a child a few years ago, I still struggled with how to find peace and understanding. She has made a huge impact in my life, and now I am able to open up and feel comfort and peace, and know that my sweet girl is good and at peace herself. I would recommend meeting her to anyone who is open to an amazing woman with a kind, gentle spirit who has a great gift to offer. 

~ Patti

Dear Susan,

I couldn't be more grateful for the people and events that led me to you!   I have had such a profound experience with your Intuition sessions, I feel such joy, excitement, freedom, love, gratitude every day!   You have touched my life in such a way that is indescribable.  You truly are a gift, your voice is mesmerizing and the love you emanate is powerful.  You are so in tune with your clients, so patient, soft and caring, I truly believe you can help improve anyone's internal struggles in order to reach their highest level of consciousness and awareness.

~ Marla

Hi Susan!

I want to express my appreciation and share with you that today is my Mom's birthday.  She passed away in 1983.  This day and the day she passed, October 10th, have always been so painful for me.  Today I woke with joy in my heart and have been so happy.  I have had to look at the date several times to make sure today IS her birthday!  I have felt silly and goofy and truly happy!!!  I looked at her picture and thought to myself "I can't WAIT until I see you again!" - instead of "I miss you sooooooo much and don't like living without you.".   I do not know what is happening to me but THANK YOU for helping me transform into the me I am meant to be!!!!  It is SO much more enjoyable than the way I have been "living". 

~ K.C.

From the moment I met Susan I knew I had to be a part of her world. I have been working with Susan for roughly seven months and every week is a new revelation and level of understanding. I have been searching for something to believe in all my life.  Susan has helped me to identify that something - myself. Thank you Susan - I love you!!! 

~ Lisa

I've gone to one of Susan's group sessions, which for me was a journey/meditation that really raised my energy levels. I also did a private session that left me comforted in my artistic visions and their worth. For seekers and people open to new forms and modalities of/for healing, clarity, enlightenment, I totally recommend!!

~ C.Y.


I cannot express in words all that you are to me and everyone who you touch. All the gifts you give to others are powerful, and healing, and true, and eye-opening and life-changing, and transformational and come from a heart of pure love and joy. You are my angel on earth.

~ J.S.

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What is Sound Energy?

Sound energy is based on the premise that the entire cosmos, and all that exists within the cosmos, consists of sound vibrations.  Sound thus forms the building blocks of physical creation and plays a fundamental role in helping us to achieve a deeper unity with all creation.

Sound resonances create natural balancing effects on the mind, body and spirit. In addition, sound can be used to gracefully raise spiritual consciousness to astonishing, expanded states of awareness.

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